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Responsibility at Lekko means providing her employees with a secure and pleasant workplace and at the same time it means manufacturing products in a good and safe way. In addition, we take care to make informed choices in type of materials we use for our products. Lekko strives to minimize its impact on the environment. 

What topics are within Lekko's direct circle of influence? 

Doing business responsibly and focus on sustainability is a continuous process. We first of all focus on things that we can influence ourselves and influence directly. A few examples to illustrate:    

Purchase of materials

All our non-woven base materials are Made In Europe. This means smaller distances for delivery to our factory. Less transport means less impact on the environment. Also, we have agreed with our suppliers that packaging needed for transport is minimized and all strictly necessary packaging is returned to our suppliers for re-use or recycling. 


All Lekko's machinery in the factory is custom-designed by Lekko's team in close collabroration with technical experts. Already in the design phase, efficient material usage and minimal energy consumption are taken into account to ensure state of the arte production. In our factory we exclusively use LED lighting. 


While designing our products in co-creation with our customers, we take function and ultimate purpose of the product into account. For wash gloves, softness, hygiene, comfort and ease of use are most important attributes. For milkfilters, filter capacity and strength are important. Sustainability also means that the purpose of the product is optimally served. 


Lekko offers biodegradable materials next to traditional polyester non-wovens.  


Less packaging is key. A first measure that Lekko implemented was to optimize the number of items per carton. By packing smarter, the number of cartons has been reduced substantially.


Business impression

Take a look at our factory.

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