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For Lekko it is important that the environment is less burdened.

Lekko is continuously working to reduce its ecological footprint. Today, Lekko makes a big impact with its biodegradable wash gloves.

A completely viscose wash glove is made of natural products, which means less impact on the environment and the wash glove is biodegradable.

Viscose has several advantages:

  • It is biodegradable and made from renewable raw materials: wood cellulose.
  • Strong fabric, it will last a long time
  • Does not contribute to the plastic soup.
  • Viscose requires almost 10 times less water than cotton.

Lekko sources the raw materials for the wash glove from Europe and produces it in the Netherlands. In the production, environmental friendliness and minimization of waste are a priority. Because Lekko produces in the Netherlands, the transport to the end user is shorter.

The advantage for the seller is that throughout the supply chain of this product, the emphasis is on environmental friendliness and biodegradability.
This is the way for Lekko, buyer and end user to reduce their ecological footprint.

In addition to the fact that the wash glove is biodegradable, it also offers great comfort, the wash glove consists of soft, natural material which feel pleasantly on the skin. The yarn is made from Lyocell, this material is also environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

In addition, the plastic packaging is also recyclable. In short, an environmentally orientated product!

We can supply both moist and dry wash glove as biodegradable.

Click here for Dry wash gloves.


Click here for Wet wash gloves.

Ready for shipment

Ready for shipment

Custom packaging is also agreed for our customers. Outer boxes are provided with customer-specific information, so that they can precisely monitor deliveries in their own warehouse. In consultation with our customers, we ensure that we can deliver directly from our warehouse.

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