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Industrial filtration

Hygiene and safety are key in industrial processes. For belt filter installations, non-woven is a particularly suitable and efficient material to separate substances like for example oil from other liquids or to absorb fine particles. 

Non-woven is also used in the food industry for filtering and purifying frying oils.  Another application is in water purifying. In laboratoria non-woven is used for culturing substances. Non-woven performs well in both wet and dry processes. 

Filtration rolls are custom-made to fit our customer's machines and to address specific performance requirements. Lekko offers rolls in various sizes, width and length, and also offers a variety of  material compositions and weights. We are most happy to share our expertise and provide you with our advice which material suits your processes best. 


Rolls for filtration

Each belt filter installation requires a different type of filtration roll. Fabric weight and size are customized to the process...

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