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Wet wash gloves

All products at Lekko are made with non-woven as raw material. Non-woven is light-weight, soft and strong. We work with non-wovens in various compositions and grammages. It can be 100% polyester or 100% viscose, or a mix of these two. Another material, for instance bamboo, is also possible.

Our customer's preferences and the ultimate purpose of the product will determine choice for composition, texture, thickness and weight of the non-woven material. We produce private label and all products are designed and developed in co-creation with our customers. 

Wet wash gloves are impregnated with a specially developed lotion. The lotion ensures a hygienic wash and at the same time nurtures the skin. All lotions have been dermatologically tested. 

Wet wash gloves are generally packed in a reclosable foilpackaging. Five or eight washgloves per pack will be sufficient for a full bodywash. Other quantities per packaging can certainly also be accomodated. 


The wet wash gloves can also be made from a biodegradable material.

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Ready for shipment

Ready for shipment

Custom packaging is also agreed for our customers. Outer boxes are provided with customer-specific information, so that they can precisely monitor deliveries in their own warehouse. In consultation with our customers, we ensure that we can deliver directly from our warehouse.

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