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Lekko sees 'Quality' as the total sum of processes to ensure our customers receive the right products at the right time in the right place. Quality is not just the technical quality of the products. Quality also involves how customers are addressed, from first contact, the design proocess of unique products, safe and correct manufacturing to on time delivery and after sales service. We greatly value personal contact with our customers and suppliers and establish trusted partnerships. 


As of 30 June 2014, Lekko is ISO 9001certified. The ISO management system is since then a natural and dynamic instrument in our organization. Our processes have been documented, structure has been established, efficiency has increased and risks have been mapped. In close collaboration with our employees, on a regular basis our organization processes are optimized. Lines are short, communication is easy, the team is close, collaborative and constructive. The most recent audit was succesfully passed in February 2021. 

iso-certificate 9001 2015

sgs@2x iso@2x 


Our base materials comply to the requirements of specific markets and of our individual customers. We source all our base materials in Europe. 

Quality Control

Quality control is a core process in our manufacturing. From incoming materials control, regular documented controls during the production process to outgoing goods controls, all is in place to ensure our customers receive the products they expect. The high level of automation of our production processes ensures optimal hygiene. We deliver a fully traceable product to our customers. 


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