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Dry wash gloves in many varieties

You would be surprised to learn how many varieties of disposable wash gloves Lekko is able to offer. 

The material

Non-woven is a very suitable material for disposable wash gloves. Lekko uses non-woven in various compositions. We also use airlaid material. Lekko's materials are soft and comfortable for the skin. They do not tear and are smooth and flexible. 


There is a wide variety in texture, weight, density, softness of Lekko's materials. 


The material of the washcloths are available in different thicknesses. This varies between 75 grams to 120 grams. Furthermore, different compositions of the material are possible. It is entirely up to you which composition you like and which will be used for your product.


Wash gloves can be made in various colors. White, blue, green, mixed blue/white or in any specific color you desire. 


Wash gloves are custom-made in any size you desire. An overlap allows easy access for your hand. 


Dry washcloths are usually packed in larger packages. The packaging is always made specifically according to your wishes. The foil can be transparent or printed. A luxury box is also possible.

Your specific requirements are leading for the end-product. Lekko is most happy to share her expertise. 

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Custom made private label


Ready for shipment

Ready for shipment

Custom packaging is also agreed for our customers. Outer boxes are provided with customer-specific information, so that they can precisely monitor deliveries in their own warehouse. In consultation with our customers, we ensure that we can deliver directly from our warehouse.

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